Spring 2022 INRC Workshop

Please join the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community from April 19th to 22nd, 2022 to learn about the latest and most exciting neuromorphic R&D.

The workshop will provide a high-level introduction to neuromorphic computing from Intel Labs, feature world-class invited research talks, offer focused working groups on topics of special interest, and…

The first hands-on tutorials for Lava on Loihi. These tutorials will help you build and run spiking neural networks on Loihi 1 and 2 systems using the Lava open-source framework.

Build, run, and evaluate neuromorphic systems using Loihi 2 and Lava.

We’ll have more details coming soon on the tutorials. If you've been waiting to run your AI and optimization models using new Loihi 2 hardware, join us to get started.

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Brad Aimone, Sandia National Labs

  • Prof. Jörg Conradt, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Dr. Andreea Danielescu, Accenture Labs

  • Dr. Tobias Fischer, Queensland University of Technology

  • Prof. Shih-Chii Liu, University of Zurich

  • Prof. Wolfgang Maass, TU Graz

  • Dr. Davide Migliore, Prophesee

  • Prof. Emre Neftci, Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • Dr. Narayan Srinivasa, Intel Labs

  • Dr. Terry Stewart, National Research Council Canada

Participating Organizations

  • Agile Robots

  • BMW

  • Collins Aerospace

  • Ericsson

  • ESA

  • Los Alamos National Lab

  • NASA

  • Naval Research Lab

  • NEOM

  • NEURA Robotics

  • Sandia National Labs

The workshop will run 4 days (Tuesday through Friday) and include 22 sessions. Most sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be made available within a few days after the session.

Schedule Preview


April 19

April 20

April 21

April 22


April 19

April 20

April 21

April 22

06:00 PDT
09:00 EDT
15:00 CET


Loihi 2 Deep Dive

Option 2

Engaged INRC Members

Lava Basics Tutorial

Option 2

Loihi for Robotics

07:00 PDT
10:00 EDT
16:00 CET


Signal Processing

Lava Deep SNN Tutorial

Option 1

08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
17:00 CET

New Tools for a New Era of Neuromorphic Computing

Lava Deep Dive

Continual Learning

Working Groups #2

Aerospace Apps & Tech

09:00 PDT
12:00 EDT
18:00 CET

Offline Training

Working Groups #3

10:00 PDT
13:00 EDT
19:00 CET

Q&A / Break

Application Frontiers


Ecosystem Development

Featured Community Results

11:00 PDT
14:00 EDT
20:00 CET

Working Groups #1

Vector Symbolic Architectures


12:00 PDT
15:00 EDT
21:00 CET





17:00 PDT
20:00 EDT
02:00 CET

Loihi 2 Deep Dive

Option 1

Engaged INRC Members

Lava Basics Tutorial

Option 1

Lava Deep SNN Tutorial

Option 2


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